Furlandia Tosses Writer GOH over AI usage.

Furlandia gives in to Neo Luddite entitled artist.

Furlandia gives in to Neo Luddite entitled artist.

May E Lowd a furry, award-winning writer, and regular fixture at Rainfurest and Furlandia received a rude awaking when she was giving notice she was removed as Writing Guest of Honor. Was her crime, was speaking ill of the LGBTQ in the fandom? Was she a clandestine member of the Furry Raiders, or a MAGA hat touting Trump supporter? No, her only crime was the use of AI for her covers and illustrations. Furlandia act shows the escalation of Cancel Culture.

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AI Art a Gamechanger

AI is a game changer. At work, marketing is switching over from stock photos to AI images. In the furry fandom It allows individuals a way to create their own Fursona without the limitation of gate keeping artist. I have use AI to reimagine Acton.  My reason is I am dissatisfied with the mediocre state of art in the furry fandom. I have grown tired of the quick buck chucks who have not gone pass pushing mass produced twentysomething looking, toony eyed, grinning, badge, YCH, and adopts. AI is going shake up or as in the Artist need to be better than AI (take an art class or an apprenticeship) or give a needed shake out easy money illustrators with a drawing tablet.

One fallacious argument that bothers me is that AI Art steals art. Tell me has any artist one day without seeing a furry, take pen to paper or digital pad and out pops a furry drawing. For most artists, the drawing of furries doesn’t not come without observing the art of others and nature. AI duplicates the Artist leaning and producing art process.

Finally, there is something artists cannot deny, the concept of Creative Destruction a market system. This is the concept as we Innovate, obsolete methods and job will go away or evolve. For example, an entire photo-film industry has disappeared, as society went from photo film cameras to digital cameras to smart phones.

When Papa Cast Vision

An open reply to the message Grubs Grizzly sent before banning from the Greymuzzle group.

For those who know me on Greymuzzle Group on Facebook, I am no longer part of the group. Grubs Grizzly, the owner of the Group has help me make the decision to part ways.  I will still call for discernment and seek multiple sources than rely on one vocal vision casting spokesperson. My crime is to disagree over his decision to ban AI art on his group, which is one of many disagreements I have with his action thought the years. I may have confirmed in his last post to me before I gracefully deleted it that Grubs is engaging in vision casting.

Vision Casting comes out of the megachurch movement.   The idea is one sets them self as leader, in the case the pastor, The job of the leader is to create a vision for the community one feels they oversee. As a member of the community of the vision casting leadership, their duty is to carry out the vision cast by the leader.  The terrible final aspect of vision casting is no can question the vision of the leaders; objectors are cast out of the community. One notable example was Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church, with his throwing detractors under the Mars Hill Bus rant.  I was threatened to be written off by the pastor of a Baptist Church I was a member for asking accommodation and compromise by standing up for our elderly members the pastor had written off in the pastors attempt to reshaping the church to attract a younger generation, and now Grubs Grizzly ejecting me from The Grey Muzzle group. If Grubs Grizzly thinks his act will hurt me, it will. Am I grieved about what I said, yes, but I still stand by my words. I am used to it, and I grew stronger. So, Goody Bye. I will not quarrel with you. If you go to the left, I’ll go to the right; if you go to the right, I’ll go to the left. I will leave you this warning Grubs: power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Furball at Huntington Beach

Altercation leads to hype and biased and inaccurate reporting.

Once again furries in the news for the wrong reason. At a meet up in a “private area” of Huntington beach a group of furries were having fun until a person started filming them. The furries attend demanded the person filming to stop; the person refused and a fursuiter with a megaphone escalated things by blasting the person were recording the went further by hitting the person videoing the event over the head with the megaphone.

The altercation became The Whack Heard Around the World.

The media, both professional and amateur click bait hacks went out of their mind with taglines like “Furries beat up and hit neo-Nazi and pedophile with megaphone on the beach’, “

Voyeur mauled by FURRIES after he is caught filming their fetish group in Huntington Beach”.

Even Dogpatch press jumped in the fray hears a little snippet:

“Those are archive links to deny traffic for stories of conjecture and regurgitated, third-hand info. They do not care about accuracy because they have agendas. It’s implied that there was an “attack” on a random man for simply recording the group (but in fact, there were years of provocation by inside members causing a problem). Some of them wedge in malicious bias by mocking pronouns, using “fetish” innuendo, and for no sane reason, comparing furries to “street thugs” who do retail looting. There have even been beware in furry groups about right-wing news trying to get inside. To help debunk the fake news, Dogpatch Press can provide direct info with cooperation from people involved.”

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An open letter to anonymous 15-year-old

Whan Papa bear offers bad advice.

Recently   the administer of the Greaymuzzle group and advice columnist posted a letter to his advice column from a 15year old called They Hate Us for Being Free:

“Hi Papabear,

I’ve been seeing a lot of furry hate recently on the internet, and to be honest, I am tired of people hating on us, thinking that we are all zoophiles or thermals [I think he means therians, or maybe feral], and to see that even though we hate them (zoophiles/therians) as well, people still don’t see that! I feel like the fandom is dying, and you know what? We should destroy the furry community to make a new community like it, except with thermals or zoophiles, and to not have inappropriate things like murrsuits. It should be child friendly!

Do you think we should recreate the furry fandom and have a set of rules with it? To keep everyone more safe and to stop furry hate all together?

Anonymous (age 15)”

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