Con Report Orycon 32

The Convention: 0rycon 32 Portland, Oregon’s Science Fiction convention
The Place: Lloyd’s Center Double Tree Inn
The Dates: 12 – 14 Nov 2010

I went to the hotel after getting a much need haircut around 12:00pm. The was only a small line for registration it only too me 15 minutes to register at the door compared to the tow hour death march just to Pick up my pre-reg badge at Kumoricon . Panels of interest were a thin for me but no big problem. I approached Orycon as a relax-a-con: spending more time lounging around and talking to people than rushing panel to panel. My big Chococat had made his appearance and like other cons was a big hit. The first panel “Has the dream of MLK been realized?” was the fist on my list; the theme was about tolerance with in fandoms and social issues. The panelists where great not going into all to usual lets bash Christians and conservatives are racist mode of thinking. Next up was Guy’s How to create AMV panel, this was better than last year. Finally, was what’s on your nightstand? Panel the opening ceremony, which the skit was a bit to long. Dinner and catching up with old friends was the order of the evening before going home.

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I was wrong I am a loner

As thought about after the Good Friday service and an order of fish and chips it I realized my problem. I was trying to live a dual life to the point I was approaching a mental breakdown. I am one who lives in and other subculture one of Loners, not those who stereotypical wish to harm others to who dedicated to a life of solitude. It why for example I am 48 and never married, I simply can not function with others except possibly another loner. A good book (while I do not agree with everything) that explains what makes me tick is A Party of One by Anneli Rufus You can read about it here

The problem is my Loner tendencies are direct conflict with the communal nature of a furry fandom and social networking. In an allegorical way, I have a Black Bear inside me, when I am confronted I do not agree with, I turn around and isolate myself rather than confront. I only confront if it intrude on my life. It why I am I can Function as a Hello Kitty Fan and A Science fiction fan

In the end I will be making some changes. Acton is not longer the Republican Black Bear But now Acton the Hermit. It will be more reflective on my real life. I will soon move from a live journal to a word press blog on my own server. Here that hard part effective immediately I will be defrending most of you all. Please do not take it seriously, but unless you have something I am interested in or an interesting personality. I also must confess social networking conflict with my lifestyle. I do not make friends in quantity. This not to say I would not like to meet you at a fur meet or a con I just need my space.

Maybe I am not a Furry

The last bit was fun but there is a serous side. I am a bit sensitive on my Politics and Religion. If something that bothers me to where I feel my right of center politics and religion are attacked, my tendency is to shy away especially when they are alternatives. I guess what started was a few furs liberal rants, 2 The Ranting Gryphon, Uncle Kage, Funday Pawpet Show, Furs for Obama, Bill Hook a la Kevin and Kell, some furs on furtopia. (No on furtopia but your live journals ), pro gay marriage, yiff or this guy
The thing is I am torn is I met some good furs too.

At the same time Try to find politics:


There is none The no Hello Kitty for Obama or Bush Bashing, bashing of religious right under the guise of Sanrio fandom, in fact I say the same for Science Fiction and Anime fandom. Why all the politics in furry fandom.
I was originally go to say goodbye but I decide to stick around I might be lees incline to be active in the fandom. More money for Hello Kitty stuff.
If you are going to go politcs be nice or leave the fandom out of it.

Other Blogs and update

Non Furry issues
Deviant Art art:
My Hello Kitty Blog:

I still will be posting here but I hold a philosophy of sticking to a cretin theme in my blogs, why I will blog about major non fury events in my life here it is not the purpose not to drift beyond furry.

I still looking for a job I have a few close calls. My tuck is on it last leg, the mechanic say my recent problem is due to a coolant leak in the #2 cylinder, I will need to replace the truck when I get a job. It has 144000 miles on it, it time is about up.

Today’s furry :
if you check out my hello kitty blogs you know I am a big fan of the cat. Now you can know how much. Recently I am going through my small plushie collect determining the ones that will be going to Goodwill, I simply making more room for Sanrio memorabilia, I thought I would fancy a bear collection but I like Hello Kitty more. It not just I am suck for cute and pink but one of the problems I have about Furry fandom the lack of acceptable art and memorabilia.
Let get the yiff out o f the way, obvious it is a defiantly no in my life. Still I find much furry art clichéd for my taste, first we have the male in a semi erotic pose, no shirt, six pack abs, pants unbuttoned. Next there is the vixen in the bikini; the millennial generation dressed twentysomething with optional emo or punk grab and finally there natural with on all based Native American themes. Very little furry art grabs my attention and interest.

Now I am in the process of coveting my apartment to a furry den kittyfied  , I guess I could use a sportsman theme with natural bear art and a few plushies but natural art is not furry and I like some Disney but not enough to decorate my apartment with so that leaves Hello Kitty. Believe me I am doomed, today the bedding (sheets and two comforters) tomorrow the bathroom. In addition, I would like to find a Noren curtain to put t the door. I am tired of others peeking into my apartment when I have the door open.