Fake News Antifascist Witch Hunts and Left Wing Protest

There been a spat of fake news concerning  so called right wing elements in the furry fandom .  The report was constructed around a few member and tweets instead of serious investigative journalism. I dare say Motherbod has much credibility as Alt-Right and that is not saying much for ether. There no corresponding report in establish news media or mention of alt-furries  in overtly White Supremacist sites like Stormfront.

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Fursonas A Review by Acton a Furry for Ten Years

I finally got a chance to watch the document Frusonas being streamed on Hulu.

Fursona is   a documentary by first time producer Dominic Rodriguez. This movie is an attempt to explain furry fandom though the eyes of group of fursuiters.  While the movie tries to deal with media sensationalism, the documentary is drag down by generalizations, questionable motivations and yellow journalism. The movie seems to fall into same mediocre reporting like the sensationalist media not as sensational.

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My Low Spoilers Review

We had  our furry meet up on Friday on opening night  to see Zootopia at a local Portland area theater on March 4. We all enjoyed the movie. Normally I never see a movie on the opening weekend, I wait a few week before seeing it or wait until redbox has it. I am also amazed how Zootopia  has taken the furry fandom by storm. I do not believe  at no time  a movie that was seen by the fandom in mass. Many fur groups organized meets at theaters, some groups rented the entire theater for a private showing.  Over all I enjoyed the movie.  The message of tolerance was there but it was not preachy. What the media has missed is not Judy Hopps  experienced bias but how she deals with, and it not like your typical liberal response, she went out  and her best and 100% more instead of protesting for an entitlement.

What really works for me  was the details. Most furries scale  animals  to human size, what  animators of Zootopia did was to  draw the animals to natural  then  scaled the world around them.  For example rodents  have their own neighborhood and  homes and transportation  are scaled to  rodent scale.

In other news I am very skeptical of  buzzfeed and the claims  that Disney  is marketing  to the furry fandom. After all we are relatively still a small fandom. It more like  both Disney  putting out a movie  and our furry interest has intersected. I also doubt the  legitimacy of the so-called  leaked letter. First of all it was not Disney but a third party promotion firm. I also been  to the furlife site and have seen only one post  about the letter.

If one thing anybody should know about the furry fandom  is we are fans of anthropomorphic   animals  in art, literature, role-play and cosplay.  Zootopia  does represent the fandom in this;   We create anthropomorphic   characters them  speculate the world like and they live in and how they  react in this world through art, literature, fursuiting and role-play.

We Are All Queer Now Redux

Recently I got  into a bit of  a scuffle with Patch o Furr at Dog Patch press   over what I perceived  was an attempt to  coopt  furry fandom into  Bay Area LGBT culture by  declaring  SF as the furry Mecca . Usually Patch does a good job bring up stories, but he has at times have San Francisco  queer culture  myopic view which come across as declaring a generalization  of  furry fandom, in my opinion. .   I am sorry Patch,  words means things. When we look a the use of  idiom of Mecca  it can be a  palace of importance  that attracts   a lot of people  or a center  of importance people look to i.e. Silicon Valley as a Mecca of the tech world. I confess   I may be reading too much to Patch’s ranting of  SF being the fury mecca . Still I objected to it  and here was his reply in another column.

“This story is dedicated to furry friend Acton, a “conservative activist” and Hello Kitty collector who gets very upset to see these events welcomed by the community. He insists that he is “100% heterosexual”, and wants you to stop making him think about a diesel driving daddy bear cuddling up to read Hello Kitty bedtime stories with him. Express yourself, hun! This dedication is brought to you by the color pink, and the word Apophasis.  

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