Furlandia 2016 Con Report

The Convention: Furlandia

The Theme :  1850 Age of Industry

The Place  Sheraton Hotel  Portland Airport

The Dates May 27-29 2016

With the demise of Rainfurrest, Furlandia has become the premier NW corridor Furry convention. The theme  was   1850 Age of Industry;  the con says it was not  exactly  Steam Punk but  the number of panels  introducing furries to Steampunk  and  the number of furs  with goggles and costumes  shows  the convention has a Steampunk  feel to it.

Both by Giant Hello Kitties and Chocoact were my companions.

Friday:  My chances to volunteer fell  apart so I had the con  for myself.  Like to may furcons , I felt the panel variety was sparse.  I still  enjoyed  the Seven Steam Punk fallacies presentation. Other than that, it was meeting  up with old friends before  calling it a day.

Saturday:  After my traditional  breakfast fill up at  Hometown Buffet, I arrived and cruised around the  convention until the Steampunk moding for wimps,  then  Rainfurrest town hall to get another  side of Rainfurrest downfall and  plans for a return. I caught  the preliminary round of the  Fursuit dance contest. Furlandia tried something  new when the convention split the dace completion into a preliminary and final rounds. I have to say it was  the best fursuit dance contest  I seen. This is because more than dubstep (folk and J-pop  was represented) and the dancers used their feet. It was not all  popping hand motion with paws  planted to the dance floor as if boat anchors were tied to them.  I drove a new friend to pick up some food at  Panda Express,  then  met a another  Christian fur for some  discussion. I checked out the dace and  went home.

Sunday:  I had lunch at the church so I missed the  fursuit  dance finals. I set up for  my  Greymuzzle panel .  The panel was at 1:00pm.  I only had 12  people or so  but it seems to me the  low 20’s is the average panel attendance at Furlandia.  It  did not help part the panel time was opposite of the Fursuit dace competition finals.  I did gain a few attendees  after the contest ended.  I am still calling it a success

One word for the wise for bout running a panel for older anime fans and  gremmuzzles:  one hour is not enough.

The  rest of the time I attended the Thrifting Your Way to a Steampunk wardrobe. and Dramatic Furry Drawing.  After than it was the closing ceremony then final goodbyes before  calling it a convention, head home and drown  my PCD in curry rice and anime.


The Good:  the dance completion preliminaries. Also kudos  goes out to Diana Vick who went out beyond the call of duty introducing Steampunk to the furry fandom  at her panels at Furlandia.


The bad: need more panels.

The Ugly: nothing.

For a while I was concerned  how  Furlandia will handle the influx  because  of  Rainfurrest  demise and the fear the same troublemakers would come down to Furlandia.  Furlandia has  increased it numbers from 463 to 763 attendees numbers.     I suspect  next year the challenge will be greater, noting Gene’s Armstrong  plan to scale back and cap the attendance Rainfurrest. (I head this form him at the Rainfurrest Town Hall) I believe  Rainfurrest will meet the challenge and Lord willing I will be  attending.

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