Fursonas A Review by Acton a Furry for Ten Years

I finally got a chance to watch the document Frusonas being streamed on Hulu.

Fursona is   a documentary by first time producer Dominic Rodriguez. This movie is an attempt to explain furry fandom though the eyes of group of fursuiters.  While the movie tries to deal with media sensationalism, the documentary is drag down by generalizations, questionable motivations and yellow journalism. The movie seems to fall into same mediocre reporting like the sensationalist media not as sensational.

On the positive side, I love the portrayal of Freya, a fursuiter and married mother of young girl.  Sadly, the movie drowned her time by the overbearing attention to single male fursuiters.

First problem is generalization by concentrating focus on the other suiters featured in the film; it comes across to me, to Rodriguez furry artist, writers and fans without fursuits. need not to apply;  furthermore  I also I object how  Mr. Rodriguez  turns to  the more fringe elements  by putting a lot to time  and attention  to Boomer the Dog, and other furs like  Chew Fox and Bad Dragon and of issue of sex. He shows a limited exposure the wider   furry community by not show any meets and other conventions, except for a few clips at Anthrocon. This leads to a distorted vision of the fandom.

A few examples I have are as follows. First problem was when one of the furs talked on the subject about history, he could only go back to 2000 and not the early day of the founding of the fandom in the 1980’s.  Dominic Rodriguez could had done better research and looked up early founding father of the fandom like Mark Merlino, Rod O’Riley and Fred Patton. Another fur, in disusing LGBT, claimed that the furry fandom is 80% LGBT, a misconception that is disproved by the surveys and academic grade studies by Fur Science.

I also have to object to the display in the documentary of illegal drug use.

The documentary turns direction and the goes off the rails halfway into the documentary when Dominic Rodriguez turns his attention to   Samuel Conway, also known as Kagemushi Goro or better known as Uncle Kage.   While I have some serious issues with Samuel Conway over his outlook of the media and parentalism, I saw Rodriguez hitting blow the belt in is treatment of Mr. Conway. Samuel Conway elected not to give an interview for the documentary so Dominic turns to yellow journalism.  Instead of finding those who are close to  Mr. Conway as an alternative, Rodriguez  shows clips of Samuel Conway past panels, performance  and  video stream. I been to  Mr. Conway’s panel at Rainfurrest and  seen videos on YouTube;  Dominic clearly  ripped out of context  to put Mr. Conway in a bad light. The rest of the movie is as low.  Much of the argument consist  of showing  the group of furs random Samuel Conway  video clip and documenting  their comments and  Chew Fox  giving her defense  of going on the Tyra Banks show on.  I also found bothersome that Dominic Rodriguez goes in front of the camera. The movie is not about the furry fandom but   documentary about Dominic Rodriguez documenting furry fandom and (I wonder) using Furry Fandom   to break into the  film festival circuit?.  It is to me as if  Rodriguez  is engaging in revenge cinema for being kicked out  and banned from  Antrocon  for not following the rules.

Over all I did not find this a satisfying   explanation about our fandom , if I may borrow from Aberguine of furries in the media, I give this a 50% for informational  accuracy  and  50% the spirit  of the documentary.   Unlike a certain vision casting Packrat who will go Ad Hominem  if you question is vision, I do not see this as the biggest  thing happening  to  the fandom  or having any redeeming  value to the fandom. There are better sources. I get the impression the POV seems to be on producer Rodriguez; the move should perhaps be renamed walking with Fursuiters.

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