Political Correctness SJW Intolerance has Reach the Furry Fandom

2 the Ranting Gryphon will not be performing, or should I say blacklisted at Anthrocon according to his Twitter account.

According to his YouTube response the board against the wishes Samuel Conway (aka Uncle Kage), the board decide not to allow 2 to perform at Anthrocon. In a more recent video 2 reveled here was  blacklisted from  performing at Anthrocon including  performing in a melody with Uncle Kage performance and the charity  show. 2 was not schedule for any  solo shows. Both shows are still on the schedule.  He is prohibited to have access to a smaller room, or schedule during times when the main events room  is unused.  Even more baffling is Antrocons response. 2 still attracts the largest audience and if they want freshen the acts why not also replace Uncle Kage’s show and the Charity show?  Most troubling, (now confirmed)is  that  same political correct intolerance that is shutting down speech in out universities, and lead to the Hugo Awards fiasco has moved into the Furry fandom.

2 is  no stranger to controversial  rants  2 the Ranting Gryphon including criticizing  both left and right over the Transgender Bathroom issue and  the Furry Raiders  hysteria. I attended his performance  at Rainfurrest, I dislike his show, but would never call for Rainfurrest to ban him. I would not invite to a convention would run because  I would run  a family friendly G  rated convention. Still would not try to smear his reputation.

2 may be under a smear campaign by hysterical and misguided SWJ anti fascist instigators for  conduct outside and beyond the furry fandom.  For example in a recent article,  In Dog Patch Press, 2 Uncool – a furry celebrity’s disgrace is a test of fandom tolerance, gives three reasons

Apr 29, 2010

If you feel so much pain that you need to end your life because some other douche bag is calling you bad names then you DESERVE to be dead. No other species on the planet ends their own life because of minor harassment and the fact that we do just means that there’s too damn many of us and nature is trying to find a way to get rid of us. If you’re thrown into agony over little bullshit like this then you are better off killing yourself. Get off the planet and make room for others.”

Open letter to Jews

“I do not care that “your people” have been enslaved for the last 3000 years. How often have YOU been a slave? If the answer is “never”, you have no right to bitch… especially at someone who has never OWNED a slave in their life. The fact, if you care to research it, is that everyone… and I mean *everyone* has at some point, stemmed from people who have both been slaves and slave owners. There is no exception to this.”

I going to skip the  third one.  What I will say is both statements were made in 2 in 2010 and 2012 respectfully, why now in 2017 it has become an issue. I disagree with 2’s approach on suicide, using a faulty analogy. I agree  that words are alone are not a good reason to kill one self.  In the video, he also go after cyber bulling laws.  In the letter to the Jews, he spoke like an atheist but not as somebody who is anti Zionist. He misses the biblical narrative God redeeming his People; the  pharaoh forgets about the convent with Joseph in the closing chapters of  Genesis  and enslaved  the Jews, and how God  delivered the Jews in the Exodus and  punish Egypt (remember the ten plagues). 2 the Ranting Gryphon never mentions Jewish suffering and persecution in the modern era.

We are have seen  how our young people today are being condition not to confront or answer  but  silence and  shutdown anything expression they find offensive or challenges their political  view. The colleges has become mini fascist state of  trigger warnings,  wardrobe codes, and safe spaces. We have seen  how  political correctness has fester in the Science  Fiction fandom. I even seen at a multi genre con where a single immature female  complained about a off had joke in a Rifftrax showing.

As I said before I am no fan of 2 the Ranting Gryphon, I pray he  hears the Gospel and is brought into Repentance and forgiveness of sin in Jesus Christ.  Anthoncon action in handling of this issue is both  a disserve to 2 and  the furry fandom. As the largest furry con, I expect better.

It not lost on me the same  intolerance of 2 can create a hostile environment of Christian Furs because of or biblical beliefs. The Christians could express their beliefs  in the fandom by try to organize a panel or just meeting together at a con for prayer. It is sad that the same intolerance in the name of tolerance that has infested the Hugo awards is showing its ugly in the furry fandom.

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