Incident at BLFC and the Fandom Loving Response

I was sad about the bullying that Emma had to face. For those who do not know Emma is a 10 year old furry that was harassed by a at the photo shoot at 2018 Biggest Little Fur Con. It was so bad Emma left in tears not wanting to be a furry again. Yes, it was one of the Wal-Mart fursuit head but this is no reason to go down and torment a kid. I am glad to see how the fandom came together and went above and beyond to resolve the issue. The showered her with art and arranged a private photo shoot with her. Some more popular furuiters like Telephone were present.

We also must acknowledge there will be younger furs; many have support from their parents. Others young furs found about the fandom from the internet; some even know about the yiff but do not like it, and not the reason why they want to join. In addition, I also know of two who are second-generation furries since birth. Their parents are furry. I had seen videos of Fursuiter / video blogger Sherbert with his daughter.

There is a problem with a very small minority of furs whose conduct goes beyond an opinion that child should not be in the fandom. One on a post and one in person. (They maybe the same). What I can see by the choice of words, both were obsessive and very paranoid that if kids and family attend they cannot let loose and have fun. The one I talked in person became highly hostile and agitated to where I felt he would be a psychopath threat to families and others. Chimichanga the Fox made a response video to the same Issue of furries being rude to younger furries at a well-known bowling meet in Seattle.

Link below

I agree with other this behave has no place in the fandom. If you do not, like kids, there are 18+ cons and evens or you can start one. I guarantee I will not attend. I have a dim view of adult media and entertainment as a Christian. If you do not like if the convention and the fandom is welcoming to younger furs, then you can leave. The exit door is to your right, please leave quietly.

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