Important announcement

Once again, I was the only one at the Pioneer place meet and one of two at the West side meet. This has been going one for the last few months.

The writing is on the wall. There not much interest of meets in PDX furs. As a result, I removed both the Pioneer Place and the West side meets from the calendar. I no longer try to promote both. I did not touch any other meets listing. If somebody wants to start both up I am open to going and helping out. I would suggest if not the mall we have quarterly meet, party, picnic instead; I not going to waste any of my time trying to organize one if nobody shows up.

With decline of all out meets, a lack of leadership that lead to the fury drama. I not associating or working with PDX furs. I would like to see a more family friendly fur group in Portland. I will make this clear in now way I going to compete with or impugn the snark group but will not tolerate any harassment. My reasons are I just do not care for vulgarity and I feel I do not fit in with the sark group due to the age difference. Once I stabilize my employment situation, I gong to put my energy in creating a new furry presence in PDX. I have more on my own blog and perhaps I will donate space on my web host account.

Unfortunately, due to the possibility of my end of contract, I may be able to attend the Tuesday group, but if I am the only one attending, I just going to stop going to any regular meet.

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