Rainfurrest Con Report

Con Report  Rainfurrest The Return

The Convention Rainfurrest

The place: Hilton Hotel can Convention center

The dates:  27 through 30 September 2012.


Rainfurrest is a Furry convention held every year at the Sea Tac area. My large chococat was the accompanying plush. This was my return to Raifurrest aft a two year absence.

Thursday: I got up and rush to the Amtrak train station. Because of the condition of my truck I decided  to take  the train up especially after my plans  for renting a car fell through.

I got to the hotel The Hilton Hotel and Convention center store my stuff and head out for lunch, then set up in my room and attended the opening ceremonies.. I have to say the stage set up was a fry cry form the first Rainfurrest 2007. The opening ceremony was in what would have been a smaller panel room today and for guy in front.

Next I went to the dealers den when I blew my spending budget in 10 minutes by a few issues of Tails of the Taipan. I also Attend Writing 101 and writing characters Part one because I may have an interest in fiction then head out to dinner getting a bit of exercise in the process because of the distance. Afterword I attend the beginning of Who’s Lion (line) is it ,but finding the event too risqué for my taste I settle for a soak in the hot tub and a swim before heading out for the nights art jam.

Friday: Decided to hang in for the hotel breakfast buffet The Meet the board of Rainfurrest panel. Because I note in the last art jam I need batteries and a pencil sharpener, I head out to the mal ate lunch and returned. I also attend Writing 101 part two. A hitch developed concerning the guest of Honor dinner, I did not realizes no tickets were sold for the dinner, I stood I in the will-call line, I originally thing of going to Sizzlers just to find a few tickets were available, I got in. The dinner was typical rubber chicken affair was great and time to reconnect to old friends and witnessing Gene Armstrong’s roast. More picture taking followed before back to the Art Jam part two.

After dinner at Denny’s I just hung around and had an early lunch at the hotel. Originally I wanted to attend the furry and the press panel but it was canceled. I did go to May Lowd readings. This was followed by the fur suit parade. Next there was the Ice Cream social, one again I got in the standby line. I dilly dally and took pictures until the Variety show; the act were good but missing were the fursuit skits. I think there need to be more fursuit skits. Afterwards I ordered pizza for dinner and took soak in the hot tub and last swim in the pool for the year. Finally I attend the final art jam before calling it a night.

Better known a one as of most depressing day of the con. One knows it about over as many attendees pack up and start trickling out of the hotel and head home. I and feel the energy wind down and post con depression starts to settle in. I did my morning routine of shower go to Denny’s for breakfast then Morning Prayer. I originally wanted to want check out at 1:00pm that was until I was told the real check out time was 12:00pm. This lead to a quick pack up and leave my stuff locked up. I went to the My little Pony Panel and admitted I public I was a first time Brony. I only cold stay an hour because I wanted to attend the drawing clothing panel. At 3:30 I went out for a strategically late lunch. I could not do my traditional last con space walk though and left at 5:00pm for the train platform. The train was uneventful until we were forced to stop due to a Tran vs. Pedestrian accident, like usual the train won and the person is no longer with us.

The good:
The writer panel, the new art jam room

The bad:
The misunderstanding the ticket for the dinner had to be purchased at the time of registration.

Lack of close in and cheep food.

The Ugly:


I fist attended the first Rainfurrest in 2007. We had 370 attendees, now we had 1700 attendees. In 2007 opening ceremonies an single table

Attribute to Wikifur and Chaos386.

2012 opening ceremonies

All I have to say if I went back to 2007 and told them you will be the fifth largest fur con, would they believe me. All I have to say is congratulations Rainfurrest and thanks.

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