NewCon PDX Convention Report

The CON : NewCon PDX

The Place: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Portland Oregon

Newcon PDX is a new a multi-genre convention (Anime, Fantasy and Science Fiction). Both my big Hello Kitties was my accompanying plushies.

Saturday:  I when out for breakfast and headed out to the convention site, the line registration was not very large.  I attended Bizarre War Machines of the Steam Punk Era; a panel examining real life war machines that look like out of a steampunk novel. Other than that I hung around taking pictures and stepped in and out of the Video Room for a triple header of savaging and lampooning movies I detest.  Rifftrax is founded by three alumni of Mystery Science Fiction Theater 3000, their product is a separate mp3 commentary track that is synced to the DVD.  I watched Rifftrax lampoon The Hunger Games and Avatar; two movies I detested and cannot stand and would not watch another way. I lost track of time and, went out to a late dinner before check out the con and going back home.

Sunday: went back to the convention after church. I exchange my 28in Hello Kitty Plush for the 32 In Hello Kitty plush. I attended the Lost in translation Lisle Wilkerson, a voice actress ran the panel. The issue was the problems translation from Japanese to English and vice versa. She answered one of my suspicions about how some of the story is lost during subbing anime. The loss of the story is why I watch anime twice, once dubbed and the second time subbed. The rest of the day I pop in an out of the panel room, video room and took more pictures. I went out for a early dinner at a Chinese Restaurant down town. Then I went back to squeeze out every last second out of Newcon.  By  that time things were winding down too fast, and were falling into disarray. The AMC and Evangelion panels were no-shows, but the dance was well attended. Guy kept the video room going until it was time to break things down and I stayed in the panel room playing word games until 12:00am before calling it a con.

The: Good:  Just having a end of a year con replacing  Mewcon. Second Guy keeping things going in the video room.

The Bad: lack of communication before the convention, I was not sure there were going to be a convention and the same issue how things seem to falling apart Sunday Evening. I been told these issue will be addressed.

The Ugly: Nothing

I as one missed MewCon and congratulate the staff for their success and thank them for their hard work.  I look forward for Newcon 2013/2014.

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