Furlandia and the MTV controversy Part One

Part 1 my statement

I was there and yes there were a few glitches. I disagree with total $6 dollar figure I also put in $5.00 on Saturday. I did have a lot of problem with programming, I did not get my schedule for many panel until I got my con book. Sibe was some concern, as much I did not want Furlandia to become another Foxmas, but he seems to have very little effect on the convention was a non issue.

Now as for MTV or should I say Viacommix, Like others, I did not know about the  filming  until opening ceremony; there were sections for those who did and did not want to be video for the project. We who were videoed had singed releases and Saphy had provided an email address of anybody had second thoughts.

Sadly I had pulled out not as much as MTV but I serous spooked by the potential furry drama storm being afraid I would be drag down with everybody else. I wonder my note was received knowing I had my giant Hello Kitty with me and I would have to contact and advise Sanrio Inc. USA on the shoot. Alas, it all mot now because the producer had pulled the plug on the project    I am only sad the Viacommix is out of $1000 dollars that the donated to charity as part of the deal with Furlandia.

But there one thing I agreed and disagree with Aloha Wolf, comment at closing ceremony. I agree we need to get the message of the fandom out to the public but disagrees as pro life, former Christian Fundamentalist, former cultural conservative and republican volunteer I seen how the main stream media, first hand, how they can twist the most positive spin into a big negative. We need to take a tactic like conserve media and create our own channels to inform the public not relying on mainstream media.

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