Political Correctness SJW Intolerance has Reach the Furry Fandom

2 the Ranting Gryphon will not be performing, or should I say blacklisted at Anthrocon according to his Twitter account.

According to his YouTube response the board against the wishes Samuel Conway (aka Uncle Kage), the board decide not to allow 2 to perform at Anthrocon. In a more recent video 2 reveled here was  blacklisted from  performing at Anthrocon including  performing in a melody with Uncle Kage performance and the charity  show. 2 was not schedule for any  solo shows. Both shows are still on the schedule.  He is prohibited to have access to a smaller room, or schedule during times when the main events room  is unused.  Even more baffling is Antrocons response. 2 still attracts the largest audience and if they want freshen the acts why not also replace Uncle Kage’s show and the Charity show?  Most troubling, (now confirmed)is  that  same political correct intolerance that is shutting down speech in out universities, and lead to the Hugo Awards fiasco has moved into the Furry fandom.

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A Different Side to Furry Fandom? FFC Shows the Way

Like many furs, we bemoan those in the media and even in the fandom who to pigpen hole the fandom as an adult sexual fetish.  Instead of just complaining, Furs for Christ decided to do summing by sponsoring a place and activities for Furries who bring their young children to the Anthrocon. Furs for Christ hard work in providing and running Children’s activities has been recognized by Anthrocon and by KP, the programming director, in inviting Eagle’s Flight to come on staff as Athrocon’s Family Friendly Track leader. 

I want to congratulate Eagle’s Flight and KP hard work for this import job. We Furries need to acknowledge if the fandom is to grow and continue, we need to look beyond the 14 to 25 demographics, especially as furs marry and start families; we need to encourage the next generation.

Press Bias The Smoking Gun

Proof for all to see of CNN bias.

Getting wrong and overt bias are hallmarks CNN aka Clinton News Network aka Conservatives Need Not to apply. Let start with “Furry Fest”, there no such convention; can not a multi billion dollar media company find even an intern to fact check the story. The convention name is Anthrocon not Furry Fest. Secondly only 25% are in fursuit that is costumes for the uninformed. Finally the sex is no more present that any comic, gamer, anime, science fiction, Star Trek Convention. If furry conventions are overt Adult entertainment convention then why does the city of Pittsburg welcome the fandom each year, any rational city and hotel outside Las Vegas would have noting to do with Anthrocon if it was a porn and fetish con. There are a wide range of interest that attends Anthrocon including families with children and bible believing Evangelical and Catholic Christian Furs. 

Still I do not have hope that CNN will get it right; proving there are a few group CNN will not run a creditable unbiased story on: Christian Conservatives, Republicans, Conservative Talk Radio and Furries.

Mets vs Furries

There been a lot of chatter over Met stop in Pittsburgh. The some how Athrocon had kept up the Mets making them tired before the game, well if it bad why nobody call in a complaint. The Dorsai Irregulars would shut things down in a heartbeat. SNY filed announce Kevin Burkhardt got his picture with Crusader Cat. One of the funniest comments was “can he hit consistently? if so ill take him” showing met fans disenchantment with the team. Even with Anthrocon, the Mets mange to squeak out a victory. Perhaps Crusader Cat, who is a devout Christian, offered a prayer for divine intervention.
I have one theory it has to do Pittsburgh is engaging in physiological warfare by having the opposing team stay at the Westin during Anthrocon.