Dogpatch Press Casting Vision

There  once was a joke  within Republican circles,  that defines  a hatemonger as a conservative who is arguing with a liberal and the conservative is winning.

Patch at  Dogpatch press made another vision casting proclamation:

“Over the last 2 years with the demise of Vine, many Furries have started to migrate over to YouTube. Many have amassed groups of followers, hold regular livestreams on Twitch, or have Patreons. And some have used this platform as a guise to get away with borderline toxic or outright hateful behavior.”

So what is this toxic or outright hateful behavior? He list Trump Supporters, JonTron, and 2 the Ranting Gryphon as examples. The problem is I cannot I find anything hateful about them. I disagree with Jon Tron and Trump, but that does not make them hateful.  Patches’ standard is anything I disagree with is hate speech.

It is not the Fury Youtubers of different  political persuasion are toxic  but  vision casting tyrants like  the members of Anthrocon board towards  2, Patch, Deo, and Cultrally F’d. They that feel the need to cast vision for the fandom and  drum out any who disagree with their vision. We do not need a leader in the fandom. We not your community to toy with. I do not need a community to be furry. The furry fandom is about the love and interest in anthropomorphic animals in art , literature, and fursuiting.

One can express ideas from Right or Left, sexual orientation, and religion in the fandom. We may disagree and create alternative (i.e LGBT or Christian fur groups).  What we must not do is to make one politics standard for the entire fandom. My view borrowed for my view of Christian liberty, is one can speak for themselves but cannot make their scruples the rule for the entire furry fandom. Politics is irrelevant in the Furry fandom. The fandom should be a place and time where a Christian conservative and  a Transgendered leftist, who disagree on 90% of anything, can come to  at a con and have civilized discussion what they have in common, the love of anthropomorphic characters. If  you do not like that  then the exit door is to the right. please leave quietly.

Welcome and Speaking my Piece

This is the last I going to touch this subject but now I am on my own blog I can speak my piece.  


Fist of all welcome to my new home, Unlike Live Journal it is my paid for server so there are no banner ads or popups to worry about.


What brought this on was the realization I while I am a furry I simple can not be part of the furry subculture. Rest a sure I am not going to go off like Burnt Furs or try to start another fandom.

What set me was a post I could have handled better. I made a comment concerning  my displeasure of a person portrayal of Sara Palin. Now I seen the video on YouTube ,I can say the performance about paranoid about Russians pissing in her compost pile and unable to find Africa(1) smacks of the same  post election smears.  My mistake is I forgot the rule I learn from Pager seek clarity rather than agreement and leave at that. I took too far and made it too personal and provoked unto wrath. She feels her portrayal was just done in fun and was invited to do an encore at FC and I see it as libral politics of destruction as usual, Clarity no agreement. Well UT Tiger rightfully chastised me for casing unnecessary drama in the community.  Then it hit me, “what in god’s name am I doing here, I do not need no stinkin community”

Let face it, the recent Furry surveys says it all  Bi and Homosexual are 22.1% and 35.2% respectfully, age round 15 to 24, and according to the Davis studies only 15%  are conservative; there is little room for a 48 year Right of center, Christian heterosexual. So in clear Introvert fashion, I am doing my own thing. There are good signs people across the spectrum are waking up and realize we need to clean this up a little and there is Phill Geusz Down the Rabbit Hole column.

There is hope.