Furvana 2019 Something is Not Adding Up.

We just got the announcement of Furvana 2019 will be held not at Seattle but  at Ocean Shores  Convention center some 133 miles south of Seattle and 166 miles North of Portland. Ocean Shores is a small resort town. You can look at the convention center to see there not much to look at.

The reason in a twitter post explains why Ocean Shores and not a big city hotel or something on the I-5 corroder near Seattle:

From Twitter. I left out the poster.

To me the explanation comes across as political spin.

One reason a poster to Twitter said, is Furry Fandom  is still tarnish in Seattle, yet this has not stopped Anthro Nw obtaining hotel convention space last year. The only thing tarnish is RAIn.  Now let us remember Rain has been touting Furvana at an open meeting at Furlandia 2018. The Panel describes it as a new Seattle area furcon not mid Washington Coast furcon.  This makes me wonder about the claim Rain is not involved and if Seattle convention space providers will have nothing to do with them.  RAIn has some serious trusts issues that make them hard to find space in Seattle.

RIP Rainfurrest 2007 – 2015

Rainfurrest  2007 was my first  furry convention since identifying myself as a furry in 2006. The first fury I met in person was Stalking Cat: bout are gone. I was hoping to make  a return in 2016 but that is no longer possible.

I spoke about Rainfurrest in another blog post, but I still think there are serious issues with Rainfurrest  parent organization and Rainfurrest  executive  staff . Telling was a conversation had at Orycon to a person close to the executive staff about finding  a new venue.:

The response I go from  that person was  the official line is Rainfurrest  left the Hilton because we got too big.

Me: you know the hotel will do  a background  check.

Guy:  (cuts me off ) Rainfurrest  left the Hilton because we got too big.

Ne: but

Guy:  (cuts me off ) Rainfurrest  left the Hilton because we got too big.

Any further conversation was futile. It makes me wonder was  this  delusional official line was why the Davenport Grand pulled out at the last minute?  It doesn’t matter somebody called the Hotel; Rainfurrest should had been 100%  honest with the hotel instead  trying to pull a Foxmas debacle. Furthermore, what was Rainfurrest thinking? If they could not get a Hotel from Everett to Tacoma why would they think  Spokane would be any different

It doesn’t end with Rainfurrest staff. Some try make excuses about the  picture of diaper man (the baby fur) saying he was pushed momentarily out f the room. The problem was I seen the picture. The background  is clearly  the meeting space where there are no hotel rooms.  If anything  it would be no big  issue is only furs saw that not others who were at the hotel staying at the hotel.

Right now I have to give Rainfurrest staff and executive committee a vote of no confidence for gross incompetence and allowing this problem to  fester thought the years and fail to provide integrity in leadership in recovery from  2015. I fell Rainfurrest should finish  help Furlandia then disband.