Kumoricon 2015 Con Report

The Convention:  Kumoricon 2014

The Place : Vancouver Washington  Hilton and Red Lion

The  Dates:  4 to 7 September 2015.

Kumoricon is  a Anime Convention in Portland and Vancouver WA area. This was my six year attending.  Because it was a for day  con, again  it was all plushies on deck; all my big plushies  had a day as my companions.

Thursday and Friday:  I picked up my badge on Thursday. There  was not much of a line . The next day I overheard somebody say  it only took them an hour to register. It looks like the new system is working.  If there  was a theme this year it is  was there was not much to do. I attend the AMV contest,  it came across as  a little  space.  I was hoping for more discussion than people blabbing about their favorite anime at the Salute and nod to military anime. At least, the often rename panel redeemed itself from last year 18+ vulgar fest.

Saturday head back to the convention space after my traditional breakfast  at Hometown buffet. There was not much in the way of panels I wanted to attend except, Cultural  Symbolism in Anime.  I spent my time looking around and  in the video room

Sunday  and Monday: I took in the Cosplay contest this year.  Notable cosplay skit was No Face  Sound Bites; it was that good and deserved best in show.  Monday  I   hosted   Otaku 25+ panel and bought  a few things form the artist ally and  dealers den.

The good : Cultural  Symbolism in Anime, No Face Sound bites skit and watching   My Bride is a Mermaid anime in the video room.

The bad:  I felt Kumoricon need more anime cultural and industry painless. In addition  we only had one  video room.

The Ugly: we are leaving  Vancouver.


Ok, not ugly but a sad and necessary fact , Kumoricon is moving to the  Oregon Convention center. With growth and the closing of the Red Lion, there is  no one hotel than can house the convention.  Even in 2008, my first  Kumoricon at Lloyd’s  Center Double-Tree inn, I was 40 persons ahead  of the cut off.   I want  to thank  Vancouver Hilton for treating us so well especially coming off the culture  clash of the down town Portland hotel  whose  name that shall  not be spoken. I want to give a thanks  to the City of Vancouver for putting up with us taking over Ester Shore park; Ester Shores park will never be the same.

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