Furlandia 2018 Con Report

The Convention: Furlandia

The Place: Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel

The dates: 25-27 May 2018

The Theme:  Poodle Skirts and Duck Tails

Furlandia is Portland own Furry convention now in its sixth year.  Both Kaiju Kitties and Choccat plushes were my companions.

Friday: I accepted a job offer so I had the weekend off.  In addition, I had to rely on buses and the Airport Max Train to get near the Hotel site. Graciously the Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel has allowed non-staying guest access to the shuttle bus that helped a lot.

I hung around until open ceremonies then attended Sir Rennifers Travels.  Gary Bell is a Greymuzzle who has been involved in the fandom sine the 1990’s, I also met him at the first Rainfurrest in 2007. I am interested in hearing about firsthand accounts of the early days of the furry fandom. Other than that, I stuck around for the announcement of the Coyotl Awards for Furry Fiction.  With nothing more than 18+ panels, I headed back to the max station and home.

Saturday: I had a quick breakfast so I can get to the Christian Furs Prayer Meeting. I am glad they put it on Saturday than Sunday morning. I stuck around for the Ham radio panel that took the scheduled time of the canceled Library research panel. I missed the fursuit parade because they decided to start the parade early. I feel scheduling was one of Furlandia problems this year.  I attended YouTubing with Majira and Nos Hyena.  Both Majira and Nos are popular Youtubers.  In addition, fury fandom is not known for packing a panel room except 2 Gryphon or Uncle Kage.   Majira was able to pack the room and the fan boy/girl energy was something I seen at an Anime celebrity panels.  After dinner, I attended Majira other Q&A panels before heading home.

Sunday: Came back for the final day after church and lunch. There no much in the way of panels after 11:00am, I was interested in, so I check out the Fursuit dance Completion finals and closing ceremony before calling it a convention.

The Good: Sir Rennifers Travels and seeing Majira in person.

The Bad:  scheduling issues, Furlandia had dropped the ball on last minute changes.  In addition, I felt it was a bad idea to leave St. Helens room D in a banquet configuration with tables; this is not a good set up for panels.   Except for a few hiccups, Furlandia and the Sheraton Hotel did a great job putting on a furcon.  I also want to congratulate Furlandia reaching a milestone of surpassing 1000 attendees.

Please click on the picture below for larger version.  My pictures are covered by a creative common license (free to use but do not change or use photos for commercial uses) with one modifications:  I will not allow them be used in a derogatory way to the fursuiter or the fandom or for political ideological propaganda.

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